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Friday, August 22...

T-Mobile Now Offering 1 Year of Free, Unlimited LTE Data for New Customer Referrals
In its latest bid to attract customers away from competing carriers, T-Mobile US has launched a new referral program which provides 1 year of free, unlimited LTE data as a reward. The free data is offered both to the new subscriber (coming from AT&T, Verizon Wireless, or Sprint), and to the existing T-Mobile Simple Choice customer that referred them. If the existing customer already has unlimited LTE data as part of their subscription, then they receive a $10 bill credit for the duration of the year, instead. The promotion will begin on August 29, and will run an indeterminate amount of time. Any current subscriber taking advantage of the offer will receive their new unlimited data plan or bill credit within 30 days of the individual they refer signing up for a Simple Choice subscription.

AT&T Adds 50 New Streaming Channels to U-Verse Mobile App Lineup
AT&T announced the addition of 50 new live streaming video channels to its U-Verse mobile app. With these new additions, users can now view up to 180 live channels on their smartphones or tablets. Highlights of the new additions in this latest update include ABC Family, Cinemax, the Encore networks, the ESPN networks, TBS, TNT, and TCM. AT&T's also added streaming access to the HBO networks, several shopping channels, and a handful of Asian-language networks. However, this smaller group is restricted to in-home viewing only, while the majority of the 50 new channels can be viewed anywhere with an active Internet Connection. The U-Verse app is available now on all major mobile platforms, including the recently released Amazon Fire Phone.

LG Unveils L-Series of Lower-Cost Smartphones
LG introduced its new L-Series line of smartphones. These devices, which will be officially unveiled at the upcoming IFA show in Berlin, are geared towards a more value-minded consumer than LG's existing G-Series offerings. The first two entries in the line will be the L Fino and L Bello, both of which LG is marketing as "powerful alternatives to higher-priced smartphones, perfect for teenagers and first-time smartphone owners in emerging 3G markets." Features found on both of these launch devices include Quad-core CPUs, 1GB of RAM, and 8MP rear-facing cameras. The L Bello, the more high-end of the pair, will also include a 5-inch display and 8GB of internal storage, while the L Fino is limited to a 4.5-inch display and 4GB of on-board memory. Although this new line is unlikely to gain much traction in the US, it could provide a sales boost in developing markets where lower-cost handsets dominate, such as China and India.

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