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Wednesday, November 26...

T-Mobile Agrees to Stop Misleading Mobile Speed Tests for Throttled Customers
T-Mobile has reached an agreement with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to improve the accuracy for customers running mobile speed tests on its networks. Until now, customers that ran one of several available mobile speed test apps or Web apps would be presented with download and upload rates at their device's full speed capacity, regardless of whether their mobile data subscription was currently being throttled. This is because T-Mobile had maintained a policy of exempting speed test data transfers from the throttling that it applies to customers accounts when they have exceeded their monthly high-speed data caps. When this occurs, customers' download rates drop to 2G speeds, which led to understandable confusion, given the fact that speed test results run on throttled devices would still claim 3G or 4G speeds were being achieved. In order to increase its transparency, the carrier has reached an agreement with the FCC to undertake several measures: it will include a link to a more accurate speed test in the text message sent to customers when they have reached their data cap; it will provide a direct link to that same speed test for customers with smartphones; it will modify subsequent text messages to clarify the issue; and it will modify all related disclosures on its Web site. The full details of T-Mobile's remediation plans can be found on the regulator's Web site.

Verizon Announces Holiday Season-Long Consumer Retail Index
Verizon Communications unveiled its new Verizon Retail Index, an initiative to record an examine trends in consumer retail shopping activity throughout the 2014 holiday season. The program will attempt to accomplish this goal by measuring the daily traffic and peak volumes from the Verizon IP network during the holiday season, in order to correlate that data with online spending. The first round of data will be posted to the Verizon Enterprise Solutions News Center on Friday, November 28, or Black Friday. This will be followed by daily updates throughout the remainder of the holiday season. Although Verizon provided similar data on the 2013 shopping season, that year's examination was limited to the five-day period running from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.

BlackBerry Attempts to Woo iPhone Owners with New Trade-in Program
BlackBerry announced a new promotion under which it will pay iPhone owners to trade their current device in for a BlackBerry Passport smartphone. The company is offering the reimbursement to any customer that purchases a Passport on or after December 1, 2014. BlackBerry notes that the size of the reimbursement will vary depending on the model of iPhone being traded in, as well as the memory capacity of the device, and the carrier it was made to be compatible with. The iPhone 4S (the oldest eligible model) can fetch converts up to $90, while the iPhone 6 can produce as much as $400 in trade. All offers are also eligible for a $150 "Top-up" credit, in addition to the determined value of their trade-in device. It should be noted that the reimbursement funds handed out for this offer will come in form of a pre-paid Visa gift card.

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