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Friday, December 19...

Comcast Streams First UHD Programming via Samsung Smart TV App
Comcast debuted its first foray into UHD (Ultra High-Definition) programming with the launch of its new On Demand programming app for 2014 Samsung UHD TVs. The new application makes it possible for Comcast subscribers to stream full episodes of currently airing shows to their 4K-capable televisions. The app launches with a trio of shows from the NBC and USA networks, including Chicago Fire, Suits, and Covert Affairs. The cable provider has promised to quickly expand the catalogue to include programming from additional channels and networks. The app is available now as a free download. An active Comcast subscription is required for use.

AT&T Launches 75Mbps Tier in Select Markets
AT&T introduced AT&T U-verse High Speed Internet 75, a new 75Mbps tier available for customers in select markets. This new, higher speed option joins the company's existing tiered plans, which include 6Mbps, 12Mbps, 18Mbps, 24Mbps, and 45Mbps options. The launch markets for the new tier include Monterey and Sacramento, Calif.; Toledo, Ohio; and El Paso, Texas. The broadband provider said it plans to expand these in 2015, with launches expected to follow in all 21 states where it currently offers broadband services. Although this new speed tier doesn't come close to matching the company's recently launched U-Verse with Gigapower 1Gbps tier, it does run over AT&T's existing fiber infrastructure. This means that it can be launched in new markets much more quickly thanks to the fact that no major hardware upgrades are required.

Microsoft Updates Xim with Support for Large-Format Image Streaming
Microsoft released an updated version of its Xim photo-focused mobile app. The refreshed offering makes it possible for mobile phone and tablet users to beam their photos to large-format displays by automatically searching the connected device's local Wi-Fi network for any peripherals capable of displaying images. The list of compatible devices at the update's launch include Google's Chromecast, Amazon's Fire TV, Apple TV, and Microsoft's own Xbox One. If a compatible device is found, Xim will allow users to display single images and slideshows of the photos stored on their mobile device. The app also allows a third party with the app also installed to sync with the initial user's device in order to control the slides currently being displayed. Xim is available now via iTunes, Google Play, and the Windows Phone App Store.

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