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Monday, May 2...

Verizon Communications Increases Contract Offer to Wireline Unions
Verizon Communications revealed that it has increased its contract offer to approximately 36,000 wireline employees in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. The company noted that its "last, best and final offer" to union leaders from the CWA and IBEW will increase workers' pay scales by 7.5% over the term of the newly proposed contract. Additional terms of Verizon's proposal include tenets covering job security in exchange for increased flexibility in managing and deploying workers; the continued offering of 401K matching and pension plans with three annual increases to a 30-year cap; increases in company healthcare contributions and plan design changes; and a number of other considerations regarding call routing, contracting, and temporary work assignments that will vary by region. Verizon has been in negotiations with the unions - which represent the workers who began a work stoppage earlier in April - for nearly a year. Full contract details are available via the Verizon Communications Web site.

Re/code: Google Hires Former Motorola President to Lead Nexus Devices
Google has reportedly hired Rick Osterloh, the former president of Motorola who left the now Lenovo-owned company in March. Osterloh will serve as SVP and oversee a new division that unifies "disparate hardware projects," a Google representative confirmed to Re/code. This new hardware division will include Google's flagship Nexus smartphone and OEM partnerships, as well as a suite of products for the "living room." This group comprises Chromecast; consumer hardware, including Chromebook laptops; OnHub home routers; Glass; and the Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group. Osterloh is expected, according to Re/code, to report directly to CEO Sundar Pichai.

US FCC Adopts Real-Time Text Proposal
The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved a proposal to provide "accessible and effective telephone access" to disabled citizens who rely on texting to communicate. The newly adopted rules are designed to recognize "real-time text" as a replacement for text telephones - or "TTY" devices - on wireless networks starting in December 2017, in addition to exploring the possibility of a similar transition to IP-based landline phone networks over time. Unlike traditional texting services, real-time text allows messages to be sent immediately as they are typed without having to press "send." It is expected that, in addition to "fostering a conversational rhythm to the interaction," it will greatly assist in areas such as emergency and first-responder services. The technology allows users to interact directly with voice phones, and can also function in off-the-shelf devices such as smartphones. The new rules specifically focus on extending interoperability; proposing essential functions that need to be supported; connecting with 911 emergency communications systems; maintaining compatibility with screen readers and other technology; and being generally compatible with traditional voice phone features.

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