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Friday, July 22...

Google Delays Portland Fiber Buildout by At Least Several Months
Google has delayed its plans to launch its 1Gbps fiber services in Portland, Oregon for at least several months, according to a report from local newspaper The Oregonian. Citing "contractors that had hoped to help build the company's fiber network in the Portland area and others familiar with Google's plans," the paper claims that the buildout, which had been scheduled to begin some time this fall, will be pushed back at least until the Winter, if not much longer. While Google did acknowledge its choice to delay the rollout, it did not provide any firm reason for the decision or timeline for when progress might resume. The company would only say "We're continuing to explore the possibility of bringing Google Fiber to Portland and other potential cities." The news comes as a blow to the city's government and economy, with several concessions and tax breaks having been put in place to attract the search giant's next fiber installation. As The Oregonian noted, the delay may be related to Google's recent acquisition of Webpass, a company that uses point-to-point wireless connections to provide high-speed networking to multi-family dwellings. It is conceivable that Google is holding back its workers in order to integrate its recently acquired assets into the network buildout, potentially lowering the estimated $300 million in installation costs expected to result from the Portland project. However, the true reason will likely remain unknown until Google provides details on its plans to resume work.

T-Mobile Makes High Speed Data, Calls Home, Texting Free for Summer Olympics Attendees
T-Mobile announced a new promotional offer that should benefit any of its subscribers traveling to Brazil to attend the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Beginning on August 1, all T-Mobile customers in Brazil will receive free unlimited high-speed data, calls to and from the US, and worldwide texting. The data will be available at speeds up to those expected of domestic 4G LTE networks, but will vary depending on local network availability and conditions. Interested subscribers do not need to activate the promotional offer, as it will automatically be available to any Simple Choice customer in Brazil through the end of August. More information about the offer is available from T-Mobile's international roaming Web page.

DISH Sees Strong Profit Gains, Six Figure Net Customer Losses for Q2
DISH Network posted its financial results for the second quarter of its 2016 fiscal year. The company's revenue for the period totaled $3.84 billion for the quarter, compared to $3.83 billion for the same period in 2015. This resulted in a total net income of $410 million, compared to the $324 million produced during the same quarter a year ago. Meanwhile, earnings per share reached $0.88, up significantly from the $0.70 reported a year prior. On a more negative note, the satellite TV provider's subscriber figures continued to decline, with a staggering net loss of 281,000 subscribers during the period. This is far worse than the 81,000 lost during the second quarter of 2015, and shows a worsening of a worrisome trend for the company. Thankfully, DISH still has a large customer base to work with, for now, finishing the quarter with 13.593 million pay TV subscribers.

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