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Friday, April 18...

Fierce Wireless: All Four Major US Carriers Still Unaffected by Heartbleed
All four major US wireless carriers claim their customers are safeguarded against the recently revealed Heartbleed security flaw in current SSL technology, Fierce Wireless reported. Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile US all provided nearly identical statements on the matter, noting that no breaches attempting to use the Heartbleed security flaw have been detected on their network, and promising to continues monitoring their networks for future attempts. Although the scope of the Heartbleed bug was terrifying for many security experts and consumers alike, very few actual instances of hackers attempting to use it have been reported at this point. Despite the carriers' efforts, some customers remain vulnerable to Heartbleed thanks to their device's operating system. Verizon, in particular, noted that it is currently working with device manufacturers to develop a patch for Android 4.1.1 and older devices, which are particularly prone to Heartbleed attacks.

Rogers Launches First Three 700MHz LTE Sites
Rogers Communications officially turned on its first 700MHz LTE cell sites in Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto. These are the first of what is expected to be a rapidly growing list of locations where customers can connect to the new, lower frequency LTE band. Thanks to the ability of lower frequency signals to better penetrate buildings and structures, the carrier claims that customers in the aforementioned region should be noticing the availability of an LTE signal in places where coverage was previously unavailable, such as "parking garages and elevators." Prior to this launch, many customers in these highly urbanized regions were forced to make due with 3G speeds, severely limiting the benefit provided by Rogers' much faster LTE cellular data. Rogers did not disclose any time frame for expanding the 700MHz coverage to additional locations.

Verizon Communications Appoints Christopher Formant as President of Enterprise Solutions
Verizon Communications has named Christopher Formant as president of Verizon Enterprise Solutions. Formant will be tasked with managing business solutions for Verizonís enterprise clients in a variety of industries: healthcare and insurance; financial services; technology; manufacturing, automotive, and distribution; retail; energy and utilities; and the public sector. He will also lead the division's sales, operations, and marketing teams. Formant comes to Verizon from Avaya where he served as the company's senior vice president and, later, president of Avaya Government Solutions and Avaya Professional Services.

tw telecom Expands Network Presence in Portland Metro Area
tw telecom announced plans to expand the reach of its network in the Portland, Oregon metro area. The company's newly enhanced network will cover additional real estate south of the city, as well as some areas west of Portland, including Beaverton, Hilllsboro and Tigard. tw telecom claims the upgrades were necessary to meet enterprise customer demand for data and Internet services, including its Business Ethernet and Intelligent Network offerings. This latest installation is part of a larger initiative by the company to expand its metro fiber footprint by at least 17% across the entire US. In addition to expanding its existing presences, tw telecom's plans also include entry into five new "high-demand" markets: Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Richmond, and Salt Lake City.

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