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Wednesday, June 28...

AT&T to Launch New Trial of 5G Fixed Wireless for DIRECTV NOW Customers in Austin
AT&T announced the launch a new trial of 5G technology using millimeter wave (mmWave) protocols to deliver DIRECTV NOW streaming video to select customers in Austin, Texas. The new test run relies on 5G RAN and Intel 5G Mobile Trial Platform technologies to offer potential speeds of up to 1Gbps. Unlike the mobile device networks that 5G networks will eventually power, this beta test is using fixed wireless networking hardware to deliver the 5G signal to stationary termination points on homes and small businesses in the Austin metro area. The carrier expects the trial to last several months, but notes that it does not expect to have any commercially available results from it until late 2018, at the earliest. This effort follows a smaller-scale test, also in Austin, which took place in 2016.

WSJ: Samsung's Revamped Note 7 Release to be Dubbed its "Fandom Edition"
Samsung's rumored plans to revive the now-infamous Galaxy Note 7 for a refurbished release are apparently nearing completion. According to The Wall Street Journal, the device maker will soon release a "Fandom Edition" of the Galaxy Note 7 to customers in South Korea. The revamped device will be the same basic model as the original Note 7. However, its internal components have been completely overhauled, with a new battery place to prevent any chance of a repeat performance of the overheating and fires caused by the power pack in its original counterpart. The company is apparently planning to keep the initial release of the Note 7 FE small, with around 400,000 devices being offered between the three largest telecom carriers in South Korea. The Journal's sources also claim that the Fandom Edition may see release outside of South Korea as well, but the details on these international plans remain unknown.

YouTube TV Expanding to 10 Additional Markets
Google has revealed that its YouTube TV service will expand to 10 additional markets in the coming weeks. The service launched approximately two months ago with coverage in the five largest TV markets in the US: Chicago, New York, Los Angeles , San Francisco and Philadelphia. Now, it will be expanded to include Atlanta, Georgia; Charlotte, North Carolina; Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston, Texas; Detroit, Michigan; Miami-Fort Lauderdale and the Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne area, Florida; Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota; Phoenix, Arizona; and Washington, DC. Customers in these new regions will have the same access to the four major broadcast networks in their area as their predecessors have since launch. Google has yet to release any figures on how many subscribers its fledgling service has.

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