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Friday, August 29...

Apple Confirms September 9 iPhone Event 
After months of speculation and alleged leaks, Apple has confirmed September 9 as the date for its annual iPhone event. The day was revealed in an invitation sent out to press with the only text being a cryptic message reading "wish we could say more." Given the amount of speculation leading up to the press event, Apple may be choosing to stay even more tight lipped than usual to prevent tipping off the press to which of the simmering rumors are true. Current predictions point to the unveiling of not only multiple sizes of iPhone 6, which would be unprecedented for the company, but also the possible debut of Apple's long-awaited wearable. The event will be held at Apple's HQ in Cupertino, California, and will being at 10AM PT.

Samsung Unveils Gear S Smartwatch with Built-In 3G
Samsung unveiled the Gear S, a new smartwatch that can work as a stand-alone device thanks to its 3G connectivity. According to Samsung, the new entry into the growing wearables market can work as a traditional smartwatch, meaning in conjunction with a connected smartphone, or as a user's lone portable device. This is thanks to the fact that the Gear S includes its own SIM slot, providing it with independent wireless connectivity to all required services it needs to function. The wearable is also capable of making and receiving phone calls via 3G, without the need for any connected phone device. The unit's features include a curved AMOLED display with a 360 by 480 resolution, 512MB or RAM, 4GB of on-board storage, and built-in heart rate and UV monitors. It also offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as alternative connection options. The new smartwatch is expected to launch "in phases" beginning in October. Pricing remains a mystery, but may be revealed when the unit makes its official debut at the upcoming IFA show in Berlin.

T-Mobile US to Carry HTC M8 for Windows this Holiday Season
T-Mobile US announced that it will be launching its own version of the HTC M8 for Windows. Although the device is already available for Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile did not provide a solid release date, saying only that it will be available "in time for the holidays." The smartphone will feature the same 5-inch screen and 2.3 GHz Quad Core Processor found in its Verizon counterpart, and Android-based predecessor. T-Mobile has promised that the handset will also launch with the latest version of Windows 8.1 on board. Interested users can sign up at T-Mobile's site to receive additional details as they become available.

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