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Thursday, March 23...

Google Adds Time-Sensitive Location Sharing to Google Maps
Google introduced another new features to its Google Maps app, time-sensitive location sharing. Although the ability to share one's location had been offered several years ago as part of the Google Latitude service, users were left to third party options and alternatives like Apple's Find My Friends until now. With this update, Google maps users can now share their location with designated individuals and contacts by tapping the blue icon representing them on the map screen and tapping "share location." This will present the user with options for who they will be sharing it with and how long it will be shared for. Time-limited options range everywhere from 15 minutes to three days. There is also an selection for sharing one's location permanently, which Google recommends for close friends and family. Users that wish to share their locations with individuals that are not within their Google contact's list can also do so by generating a link from within Google maps that directs the recipient to their location for the amount of time they have selected. Lastly, Google Maps now also includes a "Share Trip" button, which allows contacts and friends to see the user's entire journey, as well as their estimated arrival time. The changes are rolling out now to iOS and Android.

FCC Updates Outage Reporting System to Version 3.0
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that its Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau (PSHSB) has approved version 3.0 of the agency's Network Outage Reporting System (NORS). This is the newest version of the system required under Part 4 of Commission rules through which telecom providers can report outages and service disruptions affecting their communications systems. The regulator said version 3.0 of the NORS improves both security and reliability. It now consists of four interfaces, a Web-based portal, a Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Application Programming Interface (API), a Representational State Transfer (REST), API and an Extensible Markup Language (XML) interface. The last two of these are for companies that choose to automate the process of reporting outages. The agency revealed that the new system has been live since March 6, 2017, and that it has now shut down the NORS 2.0 system. Additional information on NORS reporting standard and practices can be found here.

comScore Publishes 2017 Edition of Cross-Platform Future in Focus Report
comScore announced the release of the 2017 edition of its US Cross-Platform Future in Focus report. The complimentary download is designed to provide readers with "a retrospective view of the major shifts in cross-platform consumer behavior occurring in sectors such as TV, digital media, mobile, social media, advertising, box office and e-commerce, with an eye toward what these trends mean for the year ahead." Areas of focus and key topics covered in this year's report include the impact of time-shifted and over-the-top viewing on the current TV watching landscape; the shift of more audiences to mobile-centric viewing; a list of the most popular mobile apps and digital media properties; an analysis of mobile commerce's share in online shopping, and more.

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