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Tuesday, June 28...

Report Claims Google is Prepping a Self-Made Smartphone
Google is planning to launch its own smartphone later this year, according to a report from British newspaper The Telegraph. While the Android maker already co-brands devices in its Nexus lineup with the Google name, it does not directly control manufacturing and design on those products. Instead, those duties have traditionally been handed off to manufacturers such as LG, Samsung, and Huawei over the years. This new device, according to The Telegraph's sources, will be designed, manufactured, and sold by Google itself. The article's sources claim this could be a method of Google to exert greater control over the Android platform as a whole, while combating the fragmentation the mobile OS has often been accused of. Google has, so far, refused to comment on the rumor.

Nielsen Says Over Half of US Households Now Subscribe to Streaming Video Services
A new Nielsen report claims that just over half of all US households are now subscribed to some form of streaming video services. This includes Hulu, Netflix, and similar offerings, and is up sharply from as recently as February, when the figure was still under half. Although this statistic may be worrisome for the cable and satellite companies facing the constant threat of "cord cutting," it is worth noting that this study focused heavily on the 18-34 demographic, which is largely known to be the most tech-savvy and quickest adopter of new viewing trends. In fact, Nielsen estimates that 39% of all video viewing for this demographic now occurs on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and 15% on connected devices such as set-top streaming boxes and game consoles. For contrast, the over 50 demographic spend the majority of their time, 51%, viewing their entertainment over traditional television networks, with only 21% going towards digital platforms.

AT&T Expands 1Gbps Business Offering to Additional Fiber-Ready Buildings
AT&T announced that its AT&T Business Fiber (ABF) unit has expanded its 1gbps offering to "AT&T Fiber-Ready Buildings" in 13 additional markets. This is the company's second major expansion of this time in as many weeks. The newly expanded markets include South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisville, Fresno, Los Angeles, Oklahoma, Texas, El Paso, San Diego, Chicago, Miami, and San Francisco. Buildings in these locales with the AT&T Ready designation can now join the fiber-to-the-business (FTTB) program, potentially boosting their speeds from 300 Mbps to 1Gbps with this upgrade. The company noted that it plans to continue expanding the offering to include 180 total markets once its rollout is complete. Additional information about availability in each of the aforementioned markets can be found within the AT&T press release on the matter.

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