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Friday, October 22...

Comcast Shows Impressive Q3 Profit Spike, Despite Continued Video Customer Losses
Comcast posted its financial results for the third quarter of the 2014 fiscal year. The company's revenue for the period was $16.79 billion, compared to the $16.15 billion reported a year ago. Net income totaled $2.59 billion, an impressive jump from Q3 2013's Profits of $1.7 billion. This resulted in earnings per share of $0.99, compared to the $0.65 reported for the same period last year. Comcast's subscriber figures for the period were a mixed bag. The company continued to drop video customers, with 81,000 net losses in Q3. Meanwhile, its High-Speed Internet offering grew by 315,000 subscribers, while its voice offering added 68,000. On these results, the cable provider declared a quarterly dividend of $0.0225 per common share, up from the $0.0195 declared a year ago.

Google Debuts "Inbox," a New Approach to Email Management
Google introduced a new mobile app designed to evolve the way people use their smartphones and tablets to interact with the email. Appropriately dubbed "Inbox," the new application features a number of novel email handling idea, some of which resemble those offered by recent third-party mobile email solutions. These include the bundling of related messages into a single group, similar to Gmail's Priority Inbox feature; the highlighting of messages the app believes will be important to the user, such as flight confirmations, emails from personal contacts, and more; and immediate access to the creation of reminders, to-do lists, and other Google Now-like functions from within Inbox. The last of these also includes something Google is calling "Assists," or small pieces of information designed to accompany reminders and lists, in order to help the user complete the related task more easily. The company provides the example of a phone number being displayed for a store that the user set a reminder to call. The applications is limited to an invite-only beta test at the moment. Users that are unable to obtain an invite from a friend can try their luck by writing to inbox@google.com to get an invitation as the company makes them available.

Verizon Communications Leads $9.4 Million Funding Round for Mobile Payment Provider
Verizon Communications made a significant investment in Flint Mobile, a company specializing in mobile payment solutions. The new $9.4 round of Series C funding will allow the company to "continue expanding its mobile-centric business management platform for small businesses operating outside traditional storefronts." The vendor is currently develop a system for unifying mobile payments with traditional online payments, without the need for merchants to set up a separate e-commerce account. Verizon was joined in this round of funding by long-term Flint Mobile supporters Digicel, Storm Ventures, and True Ventures, as well as newcomer Peninsula Ventures.

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