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Security Management Practices

Here are just some of the ways the reports youíll find in Faulknerís Security Management Practices can help you meet your organization's security challenges.

Understand the critical components and process of security and how it relates to your particular organizational concerns.

Discover methods for containing security costs without compromising your organizationís physical, cyber, and personnel security.

Learn how to align security strategies with corporate objectives.

Develop scenarios, strategies, and tactics for dealing with potential risks and emergencies.

Facilitate information sharing with local, regional, and national authorities, first responders, and employees.

Elicit the support you need from top management on risk and security issues.

your organization against intrusion, surveillance, and other interference with business operations by embracing technologies that work.

Learn how to safeguard the security of employees, customers, and contractors on company property and while commuting, traveling, or on remote assignment.

Understand the pros and cons of outsourcing security functions and if it makes sense for your organization.

Safeguard against hacking and defacement of websites.

Implement response and recovery procedures for IT security.

Choose the insurance that you need to protect your organization and its people.

Recruit, screen, and hire security executives and personnel who possess integrity and an untarnished background.

Train employees in security procedures and how to think and respond with a level head when the need arises.

Isolate and assess damage and move quickly to restore operations and your supply chain after an emergency strikes.

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