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Security Management Practices

Faulknerís new Security Management Practices (SMP) offers private and public sector organizations wrestling with escalating security threats the tools to meet those challenges head-on. 

SMP provides answers to the questions that concern todayís security professionals the most: (click here).

Security Management Practices is a monthly information service devoted to the emerging function of the Chief Security Officer and best practices for organizational security across departmental boundaries. In addition to the Chief Security Officer, there are many others who will find the service useful: (click here).

Major security topics covered in this web-based service are:

  • Enterprise security administration including training and certification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Business Continuity Best Practices
  • Facility Security 
  • Legal & Financial Security 
  • IT & Network Security
  • Electronic & Paper Document Security
  • E-Business Security 
  • Outsourcing Security
  • Security Technology including emerging biometric technologies
  • Human Resources Security including employee screening and on-the-job safety issues
  • Security Laws and Regulations
  • Security-related insurance issues
  • Public, Private Sector Partnerships 

Each month, Security Management Practices will deliver insightful, real-world advice for meeting todayís security and business continuity challenges. Straightforward action plans for ensuring your organizationís facility security, data security, network security, financial and legal security, and e-mail and web site security. Here are just some of the ways SMP can help you meet your organization's security challenges: (click here).

Security Management Practices' authors are industry practitioners who:

  • analyze the best ways for ensuring public and private sector cooperation in emergencies;
  • evaluate the impact of new government security and privacy regulations;
  • explore the evolving role of those charged with providing enterprise-wide security;
  • and identify the best qualifications for those charged with ensuring physical, network, and cyber security across an organization.

A subscription to Security Management Practices also includes a weekly newsletter, CSO Digest, emailed and available to subscribers at Faulkner's web site.

For more information about whatís included with your SMP subscription, our special charter offer, and lifetime money-back guarantee click here. Or contact a Faulkner representative today:

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Email: sales@faulkner.com

Fax: 856-662-0905

To see a complete listing of current and future SMP report titles, click here.

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