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IT Asset Management

Who can help you better utilize and manage the technology and human assets of your organization? We can.

Managing the technology and human assets of your organization has never been more vital than it is today. With changes taking place more frequently and exposure to risk becoming increasingly severe, it is a requirement of every IT and senior corporate administrator to keep track of the technical and human assets of his organization.

Now, more than ever, you need a resource that can help walk you through this complex maze.

You need a resource like Faulkner’s IT Asset Management.

Solve your toughest asset management problems using the practical and authoritative information in this must-have service…

  • Gain a fuller perspective on ALL aspects of your organization’s technology and human resources: hardware, software, networks, and people.
  • Learn how to identify costs and return on investment and how they measure up to organizational goals.
  • Prepare for migrations accommodating technology changes and the deployment of new applications.
  • Help end-users to be more productive with the right set of applications and cut down on their access to time-wasting software.
  • Develop a game plan to help staffers better absorb mergers and acquisitions or departmental re-organizations.
  • Educate Help Desk personnel and show them ways to be more productive.
  • Discover how best of breed asset management programs are paving the way to greater cost efficiencies.
  • Understand how the basic lack of cross-functional collaboration between asset stakeholders can seriously impact effective enterprise asset management.
  • Embrace new asset management solutions that can significantly improve business operations.

Who should subscribe to Faulkner’s IT Asset Management?

  • Chief Information Offices
  • Chief Operations Officers
  • IT, MIS, and Communications Executives
  • Web Managers
  • Security Executives
  • E-Commerce Managers
  • Help Desk Managers
  • Systems Administrators

A database of 450 reports covering these critical areas:

Infrastructure and Systems Management

Change and Problem

Asset Procurement

Cost of Ownership and Return on Investment

Supply Chain Management

Customer Relationship

IT Security

Business Intelligence

Business Continuity

Managing Staff Resources

Outsourcing and Contract Management

Your subscription to IT Asset Management Includes:

  • A database of more than 450 reports upon introduction including incisive management overviews, concise summaries of all the market leading products, and a wealth of in-depth vendor profiles.
  • New and updated reports every month to keep your service fresh, vital, and in-touch with the critical changes and developments in asset management.
  • IT Weekly Flash – alert service bringing you all of the hottest IT news in convenient summary style. Delivered to your desktop every other week.

Special Charter Offer

Take an important step in managing your organization's valuable IT assets. Faulkner's IT Asset Management is available for a limited time only at a special charter subscriber  price. Call a Faulkner representative today or email sales@faulkner.com

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