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Faulkner's Enterprise Communications

Faulkner's Enterprise Communications is a robust, dynamically updated and fully searchable information service that covers all of the areas of vital interest and importance to today's telecommunications and data communications manager, specialist, and end-user.

Organized by key subject area,  Enterprise Communications users may click on any one of nine topical technology domains and gain immediate access to a vast library of reports covering everything from
converging communications technologies, internet strategies, and web site management to telecom and global network services, mobile business strategies, network management and more. Call or email now to find out how you can sign up for a free trial subscription.

Enterprise Communications reports are written by an accomplished team of researchers, analysts, and technical writers and are used worldwide for tracking technology advancements, strategic planning, competitive analysis, market awareness, implementation support, product and vendor evaluation, and educating technical staffers and corporate end-users.

Who uses Enterprise Communications? Subscribers include: telecommunications and data communications professionals and end-users in local, state, and federal government agencies; vendor
and end-user organizations; educational institutions; industry associations; and public and private libraries.

Consider just a few of the ways Enterprise Communications can help you, your staff, and your organization ... 
  • Justify the cost of establishing, operating and managing an enterprise-wide internetwork. 
  • Implement proven technologies that can improve the efficiency of your existing network. 
  • Learn the benefits and drawbacks of competing network solutions such as fiber optics, microwave, satellite, T-carrier, frame relay, SONET, and ATM. 
  • Become familiar with evolving carrier technologies that address current data and voice requirements and provide a migration path to new services and switching protocols.
  • Ensure that your enterprise network operates at optimal levels and is managed effectively. 
  • Learn how to manage successfully in a deregulated environment.
  • Discover how merging technologies influence global trade and services. 
  • Understand how to evaluate and deploy commercially available communications based solutions. 

The Enterprise Communications service is designed to be intuitive and extremely easy to navigate.You can simply browse by any one of nine key technology areas, by report type, or by vendor. You can also "quick search" the entire information base.

Here are the key subject areas covered in Enterprise Communications ...

  • Managing Networked Systems
  • Information Security Strategies
  • Electronic Business Strategies
  • Internet Strategies
  • Web Site Management
  • Converging Communications
  • Telecom & Global Network Services
  • Mobile Business Strategies
  • Wireless Communications

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